Human Monitoring

Information becomes usable knowledge if the recipient knows how to use their meaning. Each medial information carrier is structured syntactic and designed in a form that offers the recipient an additional benefit after its decoding. In many cases such contents consist of information, which is added to the knowledge pool of the recipient, according to certain filter rules. This knowledge can now individually be evaluated and reactions and actions can result out of them. Thus media become a communicative agent between one actual state and a possible nominal condition in future.

In the evolution history of the "information intermediaries" the perception of humans always was adapted to the respective medium, so that specific information codings were established. The digital data processing makes it significantly clearer, that media can make somewhat visible, what physically is not possible. The virtual reality creates information space which creates completly new possibilities of perception by their multi-dimensionality, new ways of communication and interaction by its dynamic contents. Anymore this is true for the possibilities of perception in the "Augmented and Mixed Reality".

Various information get an additional significant benefit by their local reference. Virtuality does not remove the real space, we still move in a real environment. Virtual applications so mostly have the disadvantage of unsolved or bad dissolved navigation and orientation handling in space. An ideal combination to make virtual, dynamic information with local reference understandable is to extend the reality by these items.

Therefore Mixed Reality will form the next evolutionary level in the media development. Information will be made visibly and perceptible accurately at the place where it is needed or developed. In this work humans are located in the center of the examination of local based information visualisation. Many medical values become substantially more precisely interpretable in their local reference. Humans, as recipient of outside ascendancies and parameters of perception, are during the movement in the space in a continuous "causal loop model" between body and environment. This can be environmental, biological, climatic, topological or also sociological interactions. The sensory acquisition of these information or values can identify causal coherences by a correlative, location based visualisation. In my prototype the apperception is additionaly assisted by an Avatar which is projected into the reality. As my digital counterpart he forms a direct feedback component of my personal status.

All statuses are frozen and saved "local referred". So you can view your system process by retrospection apart the realtime examination. By perambulating the frozen instances or viewing the higher-level information visualisation, previous states can be analysed by a "virtual time travel". For a second consideration the saved information additionally can be reviewed in a virtually simulated reality.
The developed application is a principle sketch. Depending upon the type of application and type of the measured values there can be different fields of application. The spectrum reaches beyond medical, sporty and environmental-biological applications as far as applications in automotive areas or for optimization of research processes in spatial planning.